Work Hard - Play Hard

As a professional, I should hire a photographer to take a profile portrait of myself decked out in a suit and tie, but that isn't how I do things. Being born and raised in Squirrel, Idaho helped foster in me an unbelievable addiction to the outdoors, rivers and streams, and the creatures that inhabit them. With the Henry's Fork only 3 miles from my home office in Ashton, it would be totally inefficient to change out of a suit and tie to put on waders! While there is a price to pay to work in tech and maintain close proximity to the land of my youth, I believe it to be absolutely worth it. A profile photo depicting a suit and tie may convey a professional tone, but it doesn't convey authenticity. 

Roots in art

Art and creativity has always been a passion. In 3rd grade I'd bring in drawings of dinosaurs that my teacher would display on the chalk board. In high school I attended summer art clinics at Utah State University. I received an Associate of Arts in Visual Communications from Collins College of Graphic Design in Tempe, Arizona.

Jake Amen